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RecommendationsHi Amit,
Before I sat down to write to you, I read over once again all our sessions over the past six months. I have to tell you I found a pearl in each one of them words that come back and touch me again and again, theyre so relevant and things we said that have become an integral part of my life or that I already knew but have been strengthened. So, first of all, thank you for the whole experience

What did I get out of the process? Goals and progress:
I started going over the progress and goals I set for myself at the start of the process and I see that it doesnt matter if I actually achieved the goals or not, because I realized that I widened my horizons in an enjoyable way and this has touched every part of my life.

What am I happiest about?
My own personal development, how much I enjoyed the course, what I learned from it and how I applied that to my life.

What will stay with me and help me most to retain the insights Ive gained?
The things I learned go far beyond insight. The faith among faiths is to carry on and use the tools you gain and this helps you continue on this new path.

A few remarks to light your way:
Amit, a huge thank you for being there for me all through the process with your honesty, your faith and cooperation. Training with you is important, interesting, challenging and enriching and the hard work we did penetrated me and will be with me always. You understand so well and Im sure youll continue on this path with every success.
I shall be happy if our paths should cross once again in the future.
Bless you!!
In appreciation and gratitude,

The greatest thing the coaching brought to my life is the self-awareness and my will to change things. The goals I set myself at the start, such as finding a voice coach, doing better at my job, finding a partner and reducing my stress have been realized for the most part.
Now I have the tools and greater self-awareness and I can change my life for the better.
The process of searching for answers to questions which arose during the coaching and the answers themselves (which cause a certain amount of soul searching we dont do every day) was not easy for me, but achieved the desired results. All in all, the results are most positive and lead to a most welcome change in my life.
Oshrat Fahima

Events from the coaching process using horses with Amit

Shalom Amit,
First, my admiration and thanks to you for the coaching. Thank you for the simplicity, your tranquility as well as your love and compassion. You helped me to create my own clarity and tranquility, get rid of the drama, see things clearly and be effective myself.
I gained a great deal from my coaching:
I learned to see myself, my character and the patterns of behavior I adopted over the years and how to behave authentically and naturally, to put people before results and see how the results are achieved, simply and calmly. I also learned that meditation is the foundation for tranquility and clarity.
The training with the horses was exciting and very special for me.
Training with the horses was wonderful because they were like a mirror of myself and of my behavior.
The most significant thing of all with the horses is the immediate response, the experience brought understanding and clarity to my life, how I do things and the results of my actions.
For instance, the first time I went into the stable with a horse, I had no definite purpose and didnt know what to do. I was confused, excited and acted unnaturally in that strange place with a huge animal I didnt know. The horse, for her part, was also shy (she turned her back on me and began eating, something more important). I realized this happens to me too when Im in a strange place and others react to me in a similar way. I learned from that the importance of preparing myself for meetings (particularly first meetings), to set myself goals and act naturally without letting the place or circumstance change me.
Thank you for the interesting and exciting course.
Your ability to simplify everything, and your simple natural demeanor were wonderful assets to your course.
Thank you so much,
Shai Sadot


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