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Faith according to Ontology Focus on what is and not on what is not!

Sometimes the Is is merely an excuse, a packaging
Whilst the Is Not is the real treasure

The Book of Tao, Lao-Tse

FaithOntology is the theory of being, a branch of philosophy that originated in ancient Greece and deals with nature of reality, the investigation of being and not being. In Ontology. faith is based on reality and fact, differentiating between personal interpretation, sensations, feelings and knowledge.
At our meetings we shall discuss personal belief from the point of view of ontology, in other words well look at facts as they are and trace existing reality objectively. The Faith of Ontology is based in reality and on facts and actions and this distinguishes it from individual interpretation, sensations, feelings and beliefs.
We shall discuss personal beliefs as approached in Ontology, in other words, we shall examine objectively facts as they are and describe their current reality. In this way, through clear thought and by avoiding subjective notions, we shall create unambiguous ideas to help you apply a more decisive approach to all the important aspects of your life and focus your activities accordingly on the targets you set yourself.

Coming to Believe Three Stages on the Path to Self-Realization

* Courses consist of 16 sessions each.

Stage One: Here we construct the Map of Belief that is the basis of our acquaintance leading to belief. First, we hold a session during which we become acquainted following by two further sessions where we clarify the areas of your life on which you wish to focus and discover what you really want to achieve from the course.

Stage Two: Now we hold discussions focused on the fundamental issues of your choice. During this part of the process, between the sessions, you will be expected to take upon yourself the achievement of certain goals. This is an essential part of the process and you will be required to take full responsibility. You will guide your own process and I shall accompany you, not as a judge or to make your decisions, but just to support you. Each session will last about one hour and may be held over the phone or face to face, as you wish.

Stage Three: A discussion at which we summarize the training sessions and insight and decisions you have reached during the course.

I believe that the Faith of Ontology is within every one of us and each of us has the knowledge and the ability to realize our full potential. I also believe that, at the end of the process, you will be as sure of this as I am.


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