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One should not consider the faults of others, nor their doing or not doing good or bad deeds.
One should consider only whether one has done or not done good or bad deeds.

Dhammapada 50, Buddha

About amit amodaeiMy unique coaching method using horses wasnt born in just one day. I developed it through years of searching and following different paths, all of which helped me achieve my insight and current beliefs based on my life experiences.
My life journey with horses began when I was a child. At first I rode English style and took part in show jumping competitions. Later on, I studied at the Wingate Institute in Israel and became a certified instructor in competitive and therapeutic horseback riding and worked at leading stables in equine assisted therapy.
At one time, I lived for a while at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand following the Theravada tradition of forest monks. These monks follow a humanistic path, developing traits such as unconditional love, tolerance, benevolence, compassion, simplicity, good deeds and other principles which continue to light my way in life.

My time at the monastery left a lasting impression on me and lead me to understand that insight comes from the students own personal experiences, from asking questions and absorbing the answers and not from blind faith alone. Later on, I became a personal trainer and studied Ontology at the EMOTION ontological coaching school.
This is my journey in life thus far and an outline of my beliefs. At present Im here to help and support you on your own personal journey. I believe that all the answers to your questions are already inside of you and there are no rights or wrongs only what is right for you.
During our journey together, Ill provide you with a sympathetic ear and the clarity to help you understand your own character, how you see and do things and help you identify your opportunities in life so that you can achieve your goals and ambitions for yourself.

My Horses
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Romi                                    Lola                                   Henry                                    Kondor

Amit AmodaeiMy own personal I believe:
Whatever living creatures there be, without exception, weak or strong, long, huge or middle-sized, or short, minute or bulky, whether visible or invisible, and those living far or near, the born and those seeking birth, may all beings be happy! let none deceive or decry his fellow
                      anywhere; let none wish others harm in resentment or in hate
The Compassion Sutra, Buddha.


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An interview with Amit Amodaei

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TV interview with Amit Amodaei
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An interview with Amit Amodaei
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