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Learn the Horses Way Communications and Team Forming Workshop


Almost every day we all come up against situations weve never dealt with before. Whether at work or in our private lives, we need to use the experiences weve gained in life and pick those that help us most in that specific situation.

At the equine workshop, youll be thrown into an unfamiliar situation and carry out assignments together with a team. In order to complete these assignments, youll need to use verbal communication, make a plan and execute it, be flexibile where necessary, use what you have learned from experience so far and then aquire new experiences - with the horses in the background all of the time. This is both satisfying and enjoyable.

We used to thinking that working with horses required certain skills and professionalism, but youll be carrying out your first Workshop assignments on the ground, for which you dont need any prior knowledge or experience.

As youll see at the Workshop, horses, being social animals each with his own personality and moods, are very like people. Horses need a herd and its attendant hierarchy in order to function. But, unlike people, they have no preconceived notions or prejudices and are entirely non-judgmental; in other words, they take us as they find us. Horses are uncannily sensitive to their surroundings and can see beyond the mask. Sometimes, theyre happy to cooperate, but other times they turn their backs and we have to find a way to turn them around and make them one of the guys again and put them to their task. Just a word here that the Workshop does not drive or burden the horses in any way; far from it they actually enjoy this interaction with people.

What you can get out of working with horses:

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-awareness

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Develop your self-discipline

  • Develop your skills in dealing with challenges

  • Develop problem solving skills

  • Assertiveness training

  • Develop reliability and respect for others

  • Tremendous enjoyment

The Workshop starts with breakfast and continues with a number of activities including assignments to be carried out by the team together with the horses. The type of activities and assignments depends on the type and size of the group and the main purpose to be emphasized as discussed with the clients ahead of time. The day ends with a special celebratory meal.

Workshops are held at Moshav Mishmeret in the heart of the Sharon area, between olive orchards and horse paddocks.
The Workshops are intended for 5 to 15 people, beginning in the morning and ending in the late afternoon.
For additional details and more information, please contact us:

Amit Amodaei
Tel: 054-2034130
e-mail: info@amitamodaei.com


Amit Amodaei  Gan Yoshiya    Tel: 077-7099559   Cell: 054-2034130  
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